Sony Alpha dSLR Cameras – The Future of Digital Photography

Sony Alpha dSLRSony Alpha dSLR cameras are really carving out their niche in the dSLR camera market these days. Sony has made it clear that they are dedicated to innovation when it comes to releasing new Sony Alpha dSLR models. For this reason, Sony’s competitors in the field appear to be in a shaky position — the likes of which they are not used to.

When Sony released the Sony Alpha dSLR A-900— a full frame Sony Alpha dSLR at an unheard of price for a full frame camera of such quality, it forced Cannon to quickly re-market their own full-frame offering, the Canon 5D MkII, at a price point much lower than they had originally intended. Sony, with the release of their Sony Alpha dSLR A-900, and shortly thereafter with the A-850, began in on their upcoming history of attempting to revolutionize the dSLR market. And, so far, they’ve been quite successful in doing so.

The latest flagship Sony Alpha dSLR offering (although, not a true dSLR, but a dSLT,) the Sony Alpha dSLR A99, ¬†continues on this trend. And, it just might be the beginning of the end for their top competitor’s rock-solid hold on the digital camera market. The future of high-end digital photography lies in mirror-less design. True, when all is said and done,¬†it may not turn out to be the Sony Alpha dSLR translucent mirror design that Sony currently employs, but it WILL be a mirrorless design of some type. And, Sony is leading the way in that department. They already have a number of mirroless cameras on the market, while their competitors have none.

Sony Alpha dSLR – The Future of Digital Photography?

This means, of course, that Sony is real-world market-testing mirrorless design Sony Alpha dSLR cameras right now — gaining years worth of valuable, real-world data exclusive to them that they can use to improve the future design of such systems. They’re gaining knowledge regarding what works and what doesn’t in mirrorless camera design — what can stay and what needs to go. For this reason, the future looks fairly bleak for their competitors. Especially considering that each of their top competitors have recently submitted patents for their own mirrorless dSLR-like cameras. They’re late to the game. And, the security of their future position in the market will very likely suffer as a result.

When asked, I advise all new photographers looking to purchase their first dSLR style camera to go with a Sony Alpha dSLR camera. Sony Alpha dSLR cameras compete with all of their competitors in the same price range in terms of quality, and the future of photography lies in mirrorless design and electronic viewfinders. Sony is currently the only company offering this in their pro and semi-pro digital camera line-up. So, a new photographer would be well advised to go with a Sony Alpha dSLR and get used to, and learn using a camera with such a design, in preparation of the future. You don’t want to cut your teeth on old-technology optical viewfinder cameras just when that technology is on its way out.

There’s no doubt about it: The smart beginning photographer these days are going for Sony Alpha dSLR models when making the choice of purchasing their first dSLR style camera.

So, if you want my advice, I’d tell you to head on down to your local camera shop and ask a sales person there to let you try out one of the Sony Alpha dSLR choices they have available in store. I’m sure you’ll most likely love what you see.

I’ve shot all the top brands over the course of my 15 year career as a professional photographer. I know that each of the top brands offer exceptionally high-quality models. Sony Alpha dSLR cameras are no different in this respect. But, the incredible innovation that Sony is building into their new Sony Alpha dSLR cameras is a foreshadowing of the future of digital photography. You’d be well advised to get in on the new wave, and familiarize yourself with the future technology early. At least try out a Sony Alpha dSLR model and compare it to the competitors. You’ll most likely be very surprised. And, if you do end up purchasing a Sony Alpha dSLR as your first dSLR style camera, you’ll be setting yourself up to have a leg up on the competition in the near future.

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