Photography Web Round-Up for 02/09/14

Today we’re going to feature a sort of suggested reading list — a round-up sort of post — for interesting, entertaining and informative photography related material that we’ve found around the internet. I hope you enjoy and get use from most of these great resources. And, if you know of some great photography sites that we missed, and that you enjoy and find to be useful, please feel free to use the comment box provided at the end of this post and let us, and our readers, know about them!

Photography Round-up - Photography Giveaways

In no particular order, here are some recent great and interesting resources for reading that should be of interest to photographers:

So, there’s a round-up of ten great photography resources from around the internet that I’ve happened to stumble across recently, and though they would be of interest to our readers. Those should keep you reading for a while. And, when you get done with those, how about a refresher of a few of our very own, older, lesser viewed, yet still good, articles dredged up from darkest recesses of the PhotographyGiveaways.Com archives?

And, if that’s not enough to keep you busy until we post our next photography article, here are yet a few more great photography related things that I managed to stumble upon, and found interesting, while tooling around the internet recently:

There you have it! An awesome round-up of twenty great photography things I’ve recently found on the internet, along with five of our own more scarcely views articles. I’m sure you’ll find lots of stuff in there to stir your senses, get your creative photographic juices roaring, and to fill your head with all sorts of incredibly interesting things to think about and digest!

And, as always, remember to bookmark us and check back often and soon, as we’ve got a lot more interesting and informative photography articles and information coming up for you in the future.

But, what about you? Have recently stumbled upon any super-cool, totally awesome-rific photography related sites on the internet that just blew your socks off? If so, we’d appreciate it if you’d let us know about them! Please use the comment box below and share whatever glorious photographic web-nuggets of interesting info. or entertainment that you’ve managed to find!

And, until next time — may the sun be at your back, may your batteries always be charged, may no gust of errant wind cast your reflectors into irretrievable flight, have a great day, and happy shooting!

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