Online Photography Classes

There appears to be a great many aspiring photographers out there who are interested in receiving education in photography via online photography classes, or through some other means wherein they can learn photography and improve their skills from the comfort of their own home.

It’s perfectly understandable, of course. Learning through online photography classes offers a number of advantages over a more traditional classroom style learning environment. Being able to study at your own pace and from the comfort and familiarity of your own home is desirable to many. And, to some, the desire for such advantages outweigh the benefits that would be enjoyed while learning in a face-to-face environment with a community of other developing photographers and experienced instructors.

So, this week, we’re going to present a list of some of the best places around the internet that are currently offering online photography classes.

Online Photography Classes

Online Photography Classes:

In no particular order:

#1) The Perfect Picture School of Photography — Claims to be “The world’s best ON-LINE photography school, committed to your pursuit of photographic excellence!” Founded and operated by renowned photographer Bryan Peterson — a pro photographer with more than thirty years of experience as a professional photographic expert and more than twenty years of experience as a photography instructor. The Perfect Picture School of Photography offers full four and eight week online photography courses spanning a wide array of photographic subjects. Their eight week course “Understanding Exposure and Your DSLR” is based on Bryan Peterson’s best selling book “Understanding Exposure” and is said to be “Without question, the most popular photography course ever taught on the Internet.” 

#2) Red Deer College Online Photography Certificate Course — Take the entire online 12 week course in order to receive a certificate in photography from Red Deer College, or simply sign up for individual online photography classes on offer in order to further your photographic education, without receiving the certificate. The full course and individual classes are instructed by renowned photographic professionals, and students receive instruction on everything from the basics of digital photography cameras and equipment to lighting, exposure, composition, and digital image editing techniques and much more.

#3) PhotographyCourse.Net This valuable resource provides the user with entirely free photography classes, tutorials and lessons, all entirely online and completely without cost. Their offerings run the gamut, from the most basic and introductory lessons of photography of tremendous value to the beginner photographer, to instructional materials from which the most skilled professionals could take ample benefit.

#4) The New York Institute of Photography The New York Institute of Photography’s online e-course program offers a total of five complete and robust academic grade online photography courses. A complete course in the basics of photography is offered for beginners, along with complete courses on marketing photography, Photoshop mastery, Videography, and a professional photography course for advanced students.

#5) BetterPhoto.Com BetterPhoto.Com’s online photography classes course system offers full two, four and eight week courses spanning a wide array of photography instruction, taught by professional instructors and working photographic professionals. Browse their online course catalog for a full list of courses currently being offered through BetterPhoto.Com by some of the top names in photography today.

#6) ThePhotographyInstitute.Ca Offers an extensive and in-depth diploma online photography course that allows students to study at home, in their spare time and entirely at their own pace. Instruction is provided from leading professional photographers working in the photographic industry and, currently, more than ten-thousand students world-wide participate in the Photography Institute’s Facebook group. As an added benefit, enrolled students receive discounts on all Adobe products.

#7) IPhotographyCourse.Com Claims to be the web’s fastest growing online training course for beginner photographers, having more than thirty-thousand students who have taken the course. The online photography classes offered by IPhotographyCourse are entirely self-paced and students receive personal instruction from qualified tutors. Students completing the entire course will receive a fully accredited pass certificate.

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