Making Money From Photography: 6 Easy Methods

It’s actually much more simple than many people think to earn money from your digital photography hobby. The list of ideas I present here is nowhere near being entirely comprehensive. There are, in fact, a great many methods for making money from photography, but I’ll provide you with just six of the easiest in order to get the ball rolling. Many photographers, from hobbyists to full-time professional photographers, are using the methods described below, and others, right now, to earn money by taking photographs. And, you can too.

Making Money From Photography

Making Money From Photography #1: Selling stock photography

Chances are that it’s much easier than you think to earn money simply by taking and selling stock photos through online stock photography agencies. With the astounding prevalence of various internet websites these days, and practically all of them needing digital photographs that they can obtain cheaply and easily to publish on their websites entirely legally, the market for such photographs is truly gigantic. Right now, many photographers of all skill levels are making money from photography by selling their images on a royalty free basis through one or more of these online stock photography agencies.

The process couldn’t be more simple for you. You merely visit the web pages of some of these microstock agencies, sign-up for a free account as a contributing photographer, upload your images and, if your images are accepted, the stock photography agency will put your images into their catalog and begin shopping your images to prospective buyers. When one of your images sells, the agency will take a commission and send you the rest of the money from the sale.

The money you can earn from a single sale of one of your photos can range anywhere from $0.25 to literally hundreds of dollars (even thousands of dollars on a single sale in some rare cases) depending on the particular agency’s pay-out structure and how the individual buyer intends to use your image.

Of course, the vast majority of images you sell through online stock photography agencies will likely pay you somewhere in the $2.00 or less per image range. But, it’s important to remember that with this method you’re not selling ownership for your images. You’re merely selling someone a non-exclusive, royalty free license to use your image. This means that if one of your images sells, your image stays in the stock photography agency’s catalog and it can be sold over and over and over again. For this reason, even though the sum of around $2.00 or less per sale may seem like a paltry amount, it’s very possible to make dozens of sales per day from a relatively small catalog of images. With a little time, effort and work, you can build your catalog with a stock photography agency to a size where you’re consistently making hundreds of sales each and every day, and earning an average of $1.00 on each of those sales.

The very top stock photographers who are making money from photography using this method are currently earning well into the six figure income category.

If you think you might be interested in investigating this method of making money from photography, I suggest you download the entirely free e-book that can be downloaded by clicking on this link, and studying it in depth. That free ebook will explain everything you need to know in order to begin making money from photography with this method. Also, check out the offer from one of higher-ranked microstock photography agencies called Dreamstime by clicking here.

Making Money From Photography #2: Sell your own screensavers!

This is a fairly little known method, but it works! Simply take a series of images that all fit into a certain theme. Try to pick a theme for which there is a community of people who are interested in that theme. You can, if you wanted to, just go out and take a series of photographs of pretty flowers, or photographs of rushing rivers, or something similar, but there’s already countless such screensaver themes available. You might make a little money with such photography screensavers, but likely not too much — the competition will be too high. Instead, try to find a theme that’s somewhat unique and different. Pick a series of a dozen or more of your best photographs within the theme and make your own screensaver. If the images are decent and the theme appeals to at least a small but significant community of people, the screensaver will sell on screensaver websites, and you’ll earn a commission when it does. You can even sell your photography screensavers on eBay.

How to make money from photographyThis method of making money from photography seems to be somewhat overlooked by many photographers at the moment, but there are some photographers making good money doing it. It’s not the sort of thing you can earn a living off by itself, but its a quick and very easy method for supplementing your income. Once the initial work is done — taking the photos, assembling the screensaver and uploading it to screensaver sites — there’s nothing else to do. You can sit back, never think about it again, nor do anymore work, and just continue to collect the residual payments.

Check out this link for detailed information on how to make money from photography by making and selling your own photography screensavers — from how to make actually make the screensavers to how and where to sell them.

Making Money From Photography #3: Restaurant photography

There are restaurants everywhere! Even if you live in a relatively small town there’s likely many more restaurants in your area than you can count. Guess what: They all need photographs! Restaurants, and pretty much all food service businesses constantly need photos of their establishment, of their employees, of the dishes they serve and more. They’re constantly having new promotional flyers printed, updating their websites, making new ads to be placed in newspapers, etc., etc., And, they need photos — current and fresh photos.

Approach restaurant management and let them know that you’re available, and you could be their go-to photographer. Or, seek out and establish contact with graphic designers in your area that commonly work with businesses in the restaurant or food industry. This method of making money from photography will require a little bit of leg work and some face-to-face time, but it can be quite lucrative.

Making Money From Photography #4: Real estate photography

As with our making money from photography method number three, above, real estate agents, just like restaurateurs, are always in need of photographs. They’re constantly listing new houses and they need photographs of those houses to put up on their listing websites, into their promotional materials and a number of other places. It might surprise you that most real estate agents actually take these photographs themselves. They’re not skilled photographers and they have nothing but point-and-shoot grade photography equipment. In many cases, they’d absolutely love to have a skilled photographer taking their photos but they’re just not aware that there are freelance photographers out there willing to work for a fee that they’d find more than attractive. Make yourself known to them and offer them your services. A good number of photographers have built comfortable careers doing nothing but real estate photography.

If you can establish a working relationship with just a few real estate agents in your area (which shouldn’t be difficult to manage at all) this method of making money from photography can translate into very steady work — it’s possible that you could find yourself constantly booked in practically no time flat.

Making Money From Photography #5: Online dating photography

The amount of growth that online dating has seen in recent times is truly astounding. It’s estimated now that with one in every four marriages taking place in America the couple being married originally met each other online. There’s truly a gigantic swath of people that are turning to online methods as a vehicle for meeting possible romantic interests. With each of these online dating sites a person creating a profile is required to upload a photograph of themselves. And, of course, it goes without saying that these people have a strong interest in looking their absolute best in those photos.

Earn money from photographyOf course, most people just don’t know how to take flattering photographs of themselves. The ever-present “selfy” shot just doesn’t look good. Make yourself available as a portrait photographer specializing in shooting portrait shots on the cheap for people looking to create online dating profiles and you could build yourself a constant stream of work using this method for making money from photography!

Making Money From Photography #6: Become a photo-blogger

It’s very easy these days to set-up a money-making blog website. The reason most people don’t have their own money making blog isn’t because it’s difficult to set one up — it’s because they’ve got nothing to blog about. They’ve got nothing to fill the blog with — they have no means of creating regular content for that blog. But, if you’re a photographer, you do!

People, in general, love looking at well crafted images. If you start a photo-blog, and you take photographs on a regular and consistent basis, you can publish those images to your photoblog and quickly build up a regular following. You’d simply then put ads on your photoblog which earn you money when a visitor clicks on them. You would sign up for a PPC type ad service like Google Adsense and/or use an affiliate commission type advertising service such as Clickbank. With the later, if you build a significant amount of traffic to your photoblog by building a regular following, and you choose highly targeted ads from the service to place on your photo-blog, it is actually possible to quite literally earn an absolute fortune with this method of making money from photography.

For an entirely free and extremely comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how exactly to set up your own money making blog site, there’s an awesome walk-through located here.

Making Money From Photography:

Making money with photography - free ebook

So, there you have six easy methods to start you in on making money from photography. There are photographers out there right now — from hobbyists to pros — that are making money from photography with each of the methods listed above. And, you can easily put them into practice yourself to begin making money from photography on your own.

If you’re really serious about making money from photography, and especially if you’re looking to turn freelance photography into a full-time career, we highly recommend visiting Photography Jobs Online.

Do you have any experience using the above listed methods for making money from photography and want to share your thoughts? Or, do you know of, or want to recommend or share another method for making money from photography? Then, please, we invite you to leave a comment in the comment box provided below.

And, I wish you the absolute best of luck, fun and fortune in your efforts for making money from photography!

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