Learn Photography Online – Top Recommended Resources

This week I’m going to run-down a listing of the top ten recommended resources anyone can use to learn photography online. These are, in my opinion, ten of the most useful, most powerful resources available anywhere on the internet that will help you master all aspects of photography — from learning the basics of exactly how to take awesome, professional looking photos, to turning your photography hobby into a lucrative business, to post-processing Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, and much, much more.

Learn photography online - top ten resources

I’ll also include in the list links to what I feel to be a few very useful and powerful photography related resources that don’t necessarily have to do specifically with how to learn photography online, but ones which photographers will find to be of great use, nonetheless.

Be sure to bookmark this page right now so that you don’t lose it, and can return to check out all of the useful resources listed here. But, don’t worry, each link will open in a new browser window.

#1) Trick Photography and Special Effects Guide — Unleash your creativeness and uniqueness with this astounding guide to all sorts of head-spinning, easy to accomplish, trick photography secrets and special effects. This incredible, almost 300 page long e-book, coupled with more than nine full hours of video tutorials will walk you, step-by-step, through everything you need to know in order to create photos that will absolutely blow people’s minds!

#2) Photography Jobs Online — Are you thinking about turning your photography hobby into a paying full time, or part time job? Or, are you just interested in finding out how you can actually sell some of the photographs you love taking for fun and turn them into extra case? If so, Photography Jobs Online is the resource you’re looking for. This site will instruct you in exactly how you can sell your photos and make money with photography — even how to turn it into a full-time, well-paying career.

#3) Landscape Legend’s Lightroom Presets — Is landscape photography your thing? Are you Interested in capturing truly stunning landscape photos that really cause viewers to drop their jaws? Do you often take photos of awesome nature scenes that look absolutely breathtaking to you while you’re actually there looking at them, but then you get home, look at the photos you’ve taken, and discover that your images are dull, flat and boring and don’t nearly come close to capturing the incredible majesty of what you saw with your own eyes? If so, then Landscape Legend’s Lightroom presets may be exactly what you’re looking for!¬†Landscape Legend is the most powerful collection of Lightroom presets created specifically for landscapes and nature photography. Put your unremarkable landscape photos into Lightroom, click a button, and Landscape Legend’s presets will instantly make them dance and sparkle.

#4) Photography Master-Class — If you’re looking for thee way to move your photos from ‘amateur looking’, to full, true professional looking quality photos, then the Photography Master Class is exactly what you’re looking for. This incredible course will allow you to learn photography online with simple to understand, easy to follow, step-by-step instruction via powerful online video tutorials that any photographer, of any skill level, can easily follow in order to discover the secrets of creating true, world-class pro-level looking photos.

Best Photoshop Tutorials to learn photography online#5) Phone Photography Tricks — This amazing resource will teach you the incredible, little-known secrets, tips and tricks you can use to create jaw-dropping photographs using nothing more than the camera on your phone. You’ll learn simple methods to make photos so astounding they’ll be sure to gain thousands of likes and shares on social media and photo-sharing websites. And, all you’ll need is a phone that has the ability to take pictures.

#6) Photography Posing Secrets — Knowing exactly what pose is needed for a model in any given situation, and exactly how to direct the model into quickly and easily achieving the most powerful pose that can be used is an art in and of itself — and one which many, many photographers often struggle with and frequently fail to master. This incredible resource, however, will teach you exactly how to master that art. Of extreme value to both photographers and models alike, Photography Posing Secrets will show you how to produce professional quality shots quickly and easily every single time. It lays out a practical, proven, tried-and-tested method you can follow to produce expert looking photographs with practically every click of your shutter-release.

#7) Digital Photography Success Secrets — World renowned photographer and photography instructor Amy Renfrey reveals all the secrets to mastering professional photography that the pros know and most amateurs don’t. If you’re truly struggling with producing real professional looking photos, this is one of the most powerful resources you can find to learn photography online. Amy lays it all out for you and guides you every step of the way. You’ll learn exactly how to achieve truly breathtaking photographs with every click — even if you’ve never picked up a camera before in your life.

#8) Trick Photography Secrets of the Pros — No matter how experienced you are, nor what sort of photography equipment you happen to own, there are a host of simple, basic (as the author says, even “stupid, little”) tricks that pros often employ to create photos that amaze and dazzle viewers. And, this phenomenal resource will let you in on all of these little known secret tricks. Check it out, and start stunning your friends today with your mind-blowing photographs.

#9) Digital Photography E-Magazine — There’s probably no better way to learn photography online than through this astounding, information packed e-magazine. “Focus” is an online e-zine specifically aimed at instructing photographers in tricks, tips, systems and methods for turning their lackluster photos into professional looking, awe inspiring masterpieces. This is one of the best values available anywhere on the internet for anyone looking to seriously improve their photography chops.

#10 Photo Background Advantage Pack — An absolutely incredible, high-value resource package for any photographer! 375 pro-quality digital backdrop images in high-quality .TIFF format, 126 Adobe Photoshop template files in .PSD format, 31 powerful video tutorials, and much, much more. Includes extensive instruction for exactly how to use the resources provided¬† to create mind-blowing artistic photographs that you, yourself, wont believe you’ve created. Dynamic textures, grunge effects, traditional, standard studio style backdrops — they’re all here, along with simple, easy to understand and follow, step-by-step instructions that even the most inexperienced amateur photographer can follow in order to learn how to take even their well below-average looking photographs and turn them into jaw-dropping works of art.

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