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These days, there’s certainly no shortage of material on the Internet that an aspiring photographer can use to learn photography online free. Today’s beginner photographers are incredibly lucky when compared to photographers just starting out in days past. Your Grandpa, if he were a photographer, certainly didn’t have the resources available to him to learn photography online free that the modern Internet now provides via free online education and even distance learning courses.

Learn Photography Online Free - Free online educationI think it’s important for newbie photographers to also realize that photography itself has become a skill that requires much less dedication in study in order to achieve a level of reasonable proficiency. Sure, photography is still most definitely a skill that absolutely requires dedication and effort in order to master. But, a generation or two ago, a really serious photographer would absolutely need to buckle down and devote himself or herself to the laborious and very lengthy study of his or her craft in order to produce work that even approached being on par with their professional counterparts. And, this usually meant a rather lengthy period of apprenticeship under an accomplished photographer, and/or a great deal of very costly formal education.

The advancement of technology in the realm of modern digital photography, however, has changed things quite drastically. While, of course, an apprenticeship under a seasoned pro, and formal instruction from an accredited institute of learning is still invaluable to anyone looking to make photography a serious career, such things are just not as much of an absolute requisite as they once were. A good number of very successful professional photographers today have never endured such things. A couple of generations ago, however, such photographers were a true rarity.

Today, modern digital technology makes it possible for just about anyone to produce photographs that at least approach the quality of professional work with only the need for the dedication toward learning of an avid enthusiast. And, along with this, the Internet provides an overwhelming abundance of material that will allow the beginning, enthusiast photographer to learn photography online free.

Learn Photography Online Free:

Learn Photography Online FreeSo, if you’re looking to learn photography online free, we’ve compiled a list of some extremely useful resources available to you on the Internet. Here, in no particular order, are just some of the highly valuable free online education resources that will help you learn photography online free:

1 – Strobist The Strobist blog focuses on a revolution that has taken place in photography in recent years: Photography lighting using small, inexpensive, remotely triggered speed-lights. They offer huge advantages in portability, convenience and weight savings over bulkier studio strobes, and they can be purchased used at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking for websites that will help you learn photography online free, Strobist has everything you need to know about getting started in controlling creative lighting on a budget.

2. – Digital Photography School  One of the largest and most comprehensive sites where you can learn photography online free — DPS s a deep and diverse community of photographers of all levels of experience engaged in sharing their knowledge and know-how in order to better each other’s understanding of photography. DPS regularly features in-depth how-to articles, photography tips and advice and much, much more.

3 – Photo.Net One of the oldest and certainly most comprehensive free online education resources in the world of photography. Photo.Net is positively awash in a multitude of instructional resources for photographers of all skill levels. They also boast one of the largest and most active photography discussion forums on the Internet — with archives going back years. If you’ve got a question about photography, a quick and easy search of their forums archive will almost certainly turn up an in depth discussion between highly knowledgeable photographers that has already addressed your exact question.

4. – PhotographyCourse.Net This entirely free site offers a truly unbelievable wealth of information on learning both digital and film photography. Free lessons, tutorials, tips and even full-spun courses in all aspects and levels of photography are offered — making PhotographyCourses.Net one of the best free online education resources available to learn photography online free.

5. – PhotoGearHeads.Com Although the primary focus of this website is on photography gear, PhotoGearHeads.Com often features entertaining and informative how-to articles dealing with all aspects of photography, along with an advanced message forum that can be freely accessed in order to pick the brains of experienced, talented photographers.

Free Online Education — The Video Factor

Of course, while there are many exceptional web sites out there that will provide you with a means to learn photography online free, in this day and age of streaming video and multimedia content, one shouldn’t overlook places such as Youtube as a valuable source for free online education. There are, in fact, a number of exceptionally high-quality Youtube channels that you can use to learn digital photography online free. Here are just a few of our favorites:

DigitalRev TV — DigitalRev TV claims to be “The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an Asian dude with a British accent.” We don’t know if that comma is misplaced or not, but whatever the case, DigitalRev TV provides a regular offering of highly entertaining and often very humorous content for photography enthusiasts.

You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson Adorama TV presents this ongoing series of always very helpful photography tips, tutorials and lessons with award winning photographer Bryan Peterson. Mr. Peterson is a natural instructor, and the You Keep Shooting series is definitely worth subscribing to of you’re looking to learn photography online free!

LightenUpAndShoot – The LightenUpAndShoot channel, hosted by international photographer Mikey Thompson features regular fun and education “behind the scenes” documentary style videos of professional and just-for-fun photo shoots. A great online education tool to learn photography online free by watching often numerous and always entertaining videos showing just how a pro does it.

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