How to Sell Photographs On-line and Make Money with your Digital Camera

The modern, digital age has opened up a host of brand new methods and ways of making money that weren’t available to people just a relatively short while ago. One of these new methods for generating revenue is through the use of your digital camera. Since photography was first invented, of course, photographers have been earning money from it. However, in previous generations, earning any substantial amount of money was really only a realistic possibility for dedicated professionals. It required pretty-much a full-time dedication of time and substantial monetary investments. This is not necessarily so in the modern age.

Make money taking photos with your digital camera

Many people, today, are earning real money in their spare time, just by having fun with their digital cameras. And, there are number of methods which you may have even thought of which can be employed to begin making money with your photography — even if you’re not at the level of a “pro” photographer.

One of these method involves shooting for what is known as “microstock” agencies. Now, more than ever, there is a truly enormous demand for photographs. And, the photos people are looking for can depict just about anything you can think of. Every single day, all over the world, there are untold thousands upon thousands of web pages being published — news sites, general interest sites, personal blogs, special interest blogs, etc., etc., and they need photos to accompany the written content they’re publishing. Along with this, there are videos being produced, magazines being published, newspapers, advertising materials, packaging materials, the list goes on, and on, and on. And, most them very often require general images.

Let’s say someone, somewhere, even a small business is putting a print advertisement for, say, a lawn-care service, in their local newspaper. They might want a generic image of an attractive garden to go into the design of the advertisement. Where do the get it from? They go to a microstock agency, look through all of the images the agency has to offer that meet their needs, and, if they find one that’s suitable, they purchase a royalty-free license to use that image for their advertisement design. The microstock agency takes their payment, sends the buyer the image, takes a cut of the payment and forwards the rest to the photographer who supplied the agency with the photo. There is currently so much of a demand for this type of imagery that there are actually photographers earning six-figures, right now, just doing this. The demand is also so wide, and so varied, that, really, photos of just about anything actually do sell.

You could literally take a photo of, I don’t know… say, a box of old pencils that you find lying around your house. Send it to a microstock agency and, sooner or later, someone, somewhere, is going to write a blog post, or a magazine or news article, or design a web-page, something else, that they want a photo of a box of old pencils for. They’ll go to a microstock agency to look for such an image and, if your photo of a box of old pencils is there, and they think it fits their needs, they’ll buy a license to use it and you’ll get paid.

The best part is that these microstock agencies don’t sell the ownership to your photos. They just sell a one-time, non-exclusive royalty-free license for the purchaser to use your photo for their intended purpose. So, you could sell the same photo over, and over, and over, and over again.

Earn money with your digital camera how to sell photosAnother great aspect to this is that just about anyone who owns even a fairly good quality digital camera can do it. You don’t need to have the skill of a pro-photographer, and you don’t need pro-photography equipment. A decent digital camera and the ability to take photos that don’t look terrible is really about the only requirements.

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