How to Make Money with Photography Giveaways on Your Own Website!

Are you a photographer? Are you looking for ways to earn more money from your photography? Well, you can by setting up your own website and engaging in your own photography giveaways. This is a powerful idea that will drive traffic to your photography website and have you earning money from it in no time.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a domain name and a website for your photography giveaways. I would suggest heading over to Dotster and securing your domain name first. Look for something that’s short and descriptive. If you already have a business name for your photography business, see if that’s available for your website. Then, when you’ve got your domain name, head over to Jaguar and get one of their shared hosting packages. When you’ve got your hosting package, log into your CPanel (Jaguar will send you the information on how to do this.)

When you log into Cpanel, look for something on that page called “Softalicious.” Click on it, then click on the “WordPress” icon and install WordPress. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to do this. Once that is done, your new photography giveaways website will already be up and running! Enter your new domain name into your web browser and check it out! Note, however, that it can sometimes take up to 24 hours after you’ve set up your domain name with your hosting provider before it will start working. But, assuming that much time has passed, your new photography giveaways website should be visible to anyone who enters your new domain name into their web browser.

Okay, now you’ve got a website running a blog program all set up and functioning! You should start thinking about creating some content for your blog. You love photography, right? So, getting good, regular content should be a breeze for you. Whenever you take some new photos, just post a few of them to a new blog post and say a few words about them: How you took them, some of your experiences while taking them, etc. People love looking at photos from photographers on the internet!

So, what about those photography giveaways? Well, one of the most powerful tools — if not THEE most powerful tool — that anyone can use to drive traffic to their website is to give away free stuff on their website. So, here’s what you’re going to do: Decide on one of your photographs that you like, go to your local Costco, and get ten copies of that photo printed at their 12X18 size. (Costco will only charge you a couple of dollars for each print) Next, go to an art supply store and purchase an “archival pen” or a pen that uses “archival ink.” (These are pens that use ink that is non-acidic — so the ink wont damage your photo) Sign and date each of the ten photos. And, number them like this 1/10, 2/10,  3/10, 4/10, etc. on up to 10/10. You’ve just made for yourself a very limited edition set of prints! These have high value with collectors — especially an edition limited to only 10 prints! Go to a stationary store and buy a pack of certificate paper. Use a publishing program to make 10 “certificates of authenticity.” There’s lots of information available on the internet regarding exactly how to go about this. Just search Google for the relevant info. Then, print out your certificate design on the certificate paper you bought, and sign and date each of those certificates.

You now have 10 wonderful, collectable, limted edition photographic prints that you can give away on your website! Put a notice on your site telling people that you will be giving away one free print per month — or per week, or day — whatever you’d like. (The more often you do it, the more traffic you’re likely to generate — and, traffic is important because I’m going to show you how your traffic will equal money in your pocket in just a minute!) Tell people to e-mail you in order to enter into a drawing for a free limited edition print. At the end of the month, week, or whatever you decided, pick one of the people and write back to them informing them that they’ve won, and mail them their new print! You’ll need to purchase some mailing tubes to protect your prints during shipping.

Also, for added traffic, you can ask the people if they’d like you to put their e-mails on your mailing list and if they agree, send them updates about when you’re having a new photography giveaway! This will bring people coming back to your website again and again.

Ok, so, now you know how to host a photography giveaway on your web site — so, how do you make money from it? Simple! Go to Clicksor, sign up for an account, generate some ad code (follow Clicksor’s instructions to do this) and simply put their code on your new photography giveaways website! After a while you should be generating a lot of traffic because of your photography giveaways! And, the more traffic you get, the more people will see the Clicksor ads on your photography giveaways website, the more people will click on those ads, and the more money you’ll make! Clicksor will actually pay you real money every single time someone clicks on one of those ads! There are people, right now, who are literally earning tens-of-thousands of dollars per month by justing hosting ads like these on their websites!

In order to place the code that Clicksor gives you on your new photography giveaways website, simply log into your Worpress admin account, go to “Appearence–>widgets” Drag a “text” widget to one of your sidebars where you’d like the add to appear on your website, paste the code into the box provided and click save. And, that’s it! You’re now set up to start earning real money whenever someone visits your website and clicks on one of the ads which are now live on your photography giveaways web page! And, since you’re hosting those regular, free photography giveaways promotions, it shouldn’t take too long for you to begin driving a fair amount of traffic to your website

For an added bonus, click here! That link contains a completely free e-book that you can download and also GIVE AWAY on your very own website to your visitors for free! The subject matter of that ebook is perfectly suited to be of high interest to a lot of people who are activley seeking out photography giveaways on the internet!

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