Free Photo Hosting Websites for Photographers

The internet is currently awash in a myriad of free photo hosting websites for photographers — there are, at the time of this writing, quite literally, dozens of such services available to you. And, every day it seems as though more and more free photo hosting websites for photographers pop-up online. The problem, of course, is that the vast majority of these free photography hosting solutions offer a rather sub-standard level of service, and, as such, are likely to just not be around for a very long time.

Free photo hosting websites for photographers

Of course, you probably don’t want to waste your time uploading all of your photos to any of the sub-standard free photo hosting websites for photographers that are currently out there, just to see them shut-down in a couple of months, wherein you’ll have to locate another (and, this time, hopefully more reliable and potentially long-lived service) and do all of your uploading all over again!

So, when it comes to free photo hosting websites for photographers, we’ve done a heck of a lot of the research for you and compiled a list of what we feel are the best and most reliable free photo hosting websites for photographers currently available, which offer to photographers the most valuable services.

Free Photo Hosting Websites for Photographers — Top Picks:

1.) Wix for Photographers The Wix service has, without a doubt, set itself apart from the crowd when it comes to free photo hosting websites for photographers. And, having done exhaustive and extensive research, we settled on Wix’s offering as being the clear leader of the pack. Their service is rock-solid reliable. They’re a major player with the level of reliability and projected longevity one would naturally associate with such. And, perhaps most importantly to many, they offer the absolutely most stylish and slick looking websites — all at no charge whatsoever for their basic account.

Wix’s free offerings are among the most feature rich and robust of all the free photo hosting websites for photographers we were able to find. But, if you do manage to outgrow their free service, and upgrade to a premium Wix account, their service offers features practically unparalleled in the market — and, at exceptionally competitive prices. The bottom line is, in our opinion, Wix is currently the clear and unchallenged leader for photographers looking for website solutions.

Best photoshop tutorials photo manipulation2.) Flickr C’mon! You already knew about Flickr, right? Of course! Flickr is the big grand-daddy of them all. And, it should come as no surprise that it made it into our list, right near the top. They are the biggest, and one of the oldest free photo hosting websites for photographers. Currently, Flickr boasts a library of close to an astounding 5 BILLION photographs already hosted on their servers. And, there’s a reason why so many fabulous photographers flock to Flickr’s fancy and free photo features! (Dig that crazy alliteration, man!) The reason is, of course, that Flickr just works — tried, tested, proven and true over the course of many years and many, many users.

There’s no doubt that just a year or two ago Flickr would have easily made the number one spot in our list, but now, they’ve been edged out by Wix for that position. However, with that being said, Flickr still offers exceptional value and functionality to anyone looking for free photo hosting for photographers — and, if interacting with other photographers is your bag, then the Flickr community still can’t be beat in that regard.

3.) Mejuba Unlike our #2 spot entry, you’ve probably never heard of Mejuba, I’m guessing. But, I’ve got to tell you, after doing extensive research on them all, we’ve got to include Mejuba high in our top list. Mejuba’s slogan is “Other’s claim to be free… we are.”, and that pretty much hits the nail squarely on the head. For an entirely free photo and video hosting service, the features they offer are truly astounding to say the least:

  • Completely, 100% free with absolutely no monthly upload limitations.
  • Unlimited storage – upload as many photos or videos as you want.
  • Photos are saved uncompressed, in their original form.
  • Offers the ability to geo-tag your photos.
  • Completely unmetered traffic — no restrictions on daily or monthly traffic.
  • Automated migration of your existing accounts with Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, and others.

Ummm… wow! That feature list truly is what most providers of free photo hosting websites for photographers only offer through their upgraded premium accounts. So, be sure to check out Mejuba!

Free Photo Hosting Websites for Photographers — Honorable Mentions:
  • PhotoShelter
    Focuses on providing free photo hosting for professional photographers — although, amateurs and enthusiasts are, of course, not restricted from using the service. Offers professional looking websites, advanced SEO tools, an eCommerce option to allow you to sell your photos, social network sharing tools, and more. Their free starter package offers 150mb of storage for your photos.
  • Photobucket
    Best photography learning coursePowerful, built-in image editing features with lots of special effects that can be applied to your photos. Ability to easily create slideshows and unique photo collages.
  • ImageShack
    Very handy and easy to use bulk-photo uploader. Custom toolbar apps for popular web browsers that will allow you to easily drag and drop images to be automatically placed into your ImageShack library from just about anywhere.
  • Imgzzz
    Imgzzz makes the honorable mentions list because of its unique Google Adsense revenue sharing program. When you sign up and begin using their free photo hosting services, your free website they provide will contain Google Adsense ads, of which you will receive a cut of all ad revenue generated by your page. Imgzzz, thereforem is actually better than free — it allows you to actually passively earn money every time someone visits your free Imgzzz photography website!
  • BlueMelon
    Their free trial account offers 1 gigabyte of storage for free and up to 1,000 photos in total. Has a unique and handy Adobe Lightroom publishing plugin for easily uploading your images directly from Lightroom. Geared heavily toward professional photographers looking to sell their images.
  • KoffeePhoto
    500 megabytes of free storage with their starter account. Allows users to create online stores stocked with merchandise such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. adorned with their KoffeePhoto hosted images. A handy blog feature allows users to easily add news and musings to their site.
Free Photo Hosting Websites for Photographers — The Rest:

Are there any we’ve missed? Or, do you have your own thoughts or opinions on any of the one’s we’ve listed here? If so, we’d absosultely love to hear from you! Please use the comment box provided below and let us know your thoughts, or fill us in on any free photo hosting websites for photographers that you think we should have included.

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