Easy Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners

Everybody’s always looking for great Photoshop tutorials they can follow in order to hone their photo-manipulation chops. The truth is that the internet is absolutely awash in tons, upon tons of Photoshop tutorials, offered up for your use and consumption — some good… some, not so good. And, many that are highly confusing for anyone who isn’t already well along the path to Photoshop ninja-hood.

It seems that a fair amount of the Photoshop tutorials available on the internet were created by Photoshop gurus whose photo-editing skills far, far surpass their photo-editing teaching skills. This being the case, it can be quite a chore sifting through all the available Photoshop tutorials in an attempt to hunt down easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners — tutorials that a relative novice, or intermediate, might be able to easily follow along, put into practice, and actually derive some significant value from.

I’ve put together here a short list of just a few easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners that are available on the internet, and which, I believe, you don’t need to already possess an overly significant amount of Photoshop skill in order to complete and realize impressive results with.

By following along with each of these easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners, not only will you learn how to reproduce the exact effects laid out in each of the specific tutorials, but, more importantly, the techniques you’ll be introduced to, and that will be explained to you, will increase your knowledge and proficiency with Photoshop — building your photo-manipulating skills. I recommend that if you find one or more of the tutorials to your liking, go through the entire thing multiple times over the course of days. The point being to actually drive into your noggin the techniques used to complete each effect explained in the tutorials so that they become part of your natural photo-editing skill-set and toolbox.

#1) Learning to use “layers” in Photoshop to create a shiny, three dimensional planet Earth.

3D Earth - Easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners

In the above tutorial, available both as a standard tutorial and a video tutorial, Eren Goksel shows you how to use Photoshop CS4’s (and above) extended 3D features to create a shiny sphere of a planet Earth. Following this easy Photoshop tutorial for beginners should teach you some basic information about using Photoshop’s powerful layers and texture mapping capabilities. As with all of the easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners listed on this page, click on the image above to be taken to the tutorial. The link will open in a new browser tab.

#2) Creating an entirely fictitious disaster landscape from a compilation of stock images.

Photo manipulation Photoshop landscape tutorial

In this tutorial Chris Godon will walk you through the process of digitally compositing and processing a selection of freely available stock images in order to create an ominous, fictitious landscape scene of a nuclear disaster. The tutorial is highly invaluable to digital graphic designers, but photographers looking to learn creative techniques for post-processing their own images will benefit greatly from following the processing procedures Chris lays out in this easy to follow Photoshop tutorial for beginners.

 #3) Using drawings and photographs to create surrealistic artwork in Photoshop.

Best beginner photoshop tutorialsThis Photoshop tutorial will walk you through the processes required to transform four freely available source images into a marvelously surreal and interesting work of digital art. Its demonstrations regarding the creative use of Photoshop’s channel functionality, along with its use of layers modes will prove highly valuable to photographers looking to update their post-processing Photoshop skills. Study and practice the tutorial, then think about creating your own ‘source images’ from your own photography and applying the techniques learned in this Photoshop tutorial in order to produce your own, unique artistic, conceptual creations.

#4) Using montages and Photoshop’s masking features to dramatically improve overall image exposure.

Photoshop manipulation tutorials for beginnersMost beginner photographers are well aware of, and have struggled with, the problems involved in trying to properly expose a very bright sky as well as a relatively dark foreground in the same image. If you’ve got, let’s say, some killer landscape images that suffer from an ugly, featureless, blown-out sky, there’s no need to condemn those images to the recycle-bin just yet! This tutorial will explain to you the process of using Photoshop’s powerful masking features to composite your lacking landscape images and turn them into truly stunning photographs. This fairly simple, but extremely useful, technique is something every digital photographer should be well versed in.

#5) Using Photoshop’s levels and eyedropper tool to color correct and enhance contrast and tone.

Beginner Photoshop tutorial easy color correction and tone/contrast enhancement

Colin Smith from Photoshopcafe.Com presents a very useful Photoshop tutorial that will show you how practically any image can be significantly enhanced or corrected using a rather basic and fairly simple technique. If you take some time to learn this method of using Photoshop’s eyedropper tool along with its levels feature, it’ll very likely become a routine you’ll find yourself running over most of the photographs you bring into Photoshop for post-production work.

Dave Hill look style easy Photoshop tutorial for beginnersAnd, finally, if you’re searching for truly powerful Photoshop tutorials that you can use to blast your photo editing chops right into outer space — the kind of extremely in-depth tutorials that explain how to get the most eye-popping, professional results from your images — techniques that tend to be closely guarded secrets of industry professionals and aren’t likely to appear for free anywhere on the internet — then you should definitely check out the amazing tutorial collection available at LearnPhotoEditing.Net!

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