Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners

Digital photography tutorials for beginners

If you’re just starting out in photography and are looking for ways to improve the look and quality of your photos, then what you need are some easy to follow, yet highly informative digital photography tutorials for beginners. The good news it that there truly is no shortage of tutorials for the beginner photographer out there and available on the Internet. At this point, there’s literally thousands, upon thousands of them — all just a couple of mouse clicks and search terms away on your favorite search engine. The bad news is that the bad — almost useless — ones out there vastly, vastly, vastly outnumber the truly good ones. And, wading through all of the rubbish to find the occasional gem can be a daunting task.

Of course, the process of locating and identifying the good digital photography tutorials for beginners is especially tricky for beginner photographers, as, being a beginner, you likely don’t have the background knowledge necessary for being able to spot an on-line tutorial that is sharing bad or wrong information. So, that’s where this article on digital photography tutorials for beginners comes in. I’ve done a good deal of the wading through the tutorial muck and mire for you and identified some of the most simplest to understand and follow, yet most powerful and valuable digital photography tutorials for beginners that I could find. You might want to bookmark this page right now, so you can return to it again and again as you go through the list.

First off — right out of the gate, I’m going to recommend the awesome tutorials offered by LearnPhotoEditing.Net. Yes, they’re premium tutorials, which means that there is a small fee you’ll have to pay in order to access them. But, there’s a good reason for it! I’ve truly found no tutorials anywhere on the Internet that come anywhere close to offering the ease of understanding along with the powerful tools and skills they’ll easily guide you through developing. And, the price is ridiculously low for what you get — less than a dollar per tutorial. In my opinion, you just will not find any digital photography tutorials for beginners anywhere on the Internet as awesomely powerful and useful as these.

Digital photography tutorials for beginnersSo, if you really want to quickly and easily learn, in a very simple to follow way, exactly how to capture images with your digital camera and use advanced editing techniques for turning them into images that will truly wow and stun people with their incredible dynamic impact, I can not recommend highly enough that you check out the unbelievable digital photography tutorials for beginners offered at LearnPhotoEditing.Net.

However, if paying to acquire truly pro-level, step-by-step guided tutorials is not your thing, do not despair. There are a number of very good quality free digital photography tutorials for beginners currently available on the Internet. And, I will list some of the ones I’ve found below:

Free Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners:

  • Bernie’s Better Beginner’s Guide to Photography
    Illustrated with photos wot I ‘ave taken” reads the first line of this free, yet very extensive guide for beginner photographers. Bernie explains everything he learned as an absolute beginner to photography. He writes it as a beginner himself speaking to other beginners — not as a seasoned, experienced pro trying to express information in words a beginner might understand.
  • TutsPluss Photo-Tuts
    Of course, the photography section of Tutsplus.Com is absolutely chock-full of all sorts of digital photography tutorials for beginners. If you don’t already know about Tutsplus, then check them out. There are tons of great tutorials available on a great number of different subjects.
  • AdoramaTV
    AdoramaTV is a Youtube channel which regularly posts new video digital photography tutorials for beginners regarding all aspects of photography. Their archive of past video tutorials, all available for free viewing through Youtube, is truly vast. I especially recommend checking out each of the videos on AdoramaTV’s Youtube feed hosted by Brian Peterson for some great, quick but very valuable pointers on things of great help to beginner photographers. Brian Peterson’s segment is titled “You Keep Shooting – with Brian Peterson”. There is a Youtube playlist which contains 127 of his videos available at this link.
  • Cambridge in Colour’s Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners
    Digital photography basics tutorialCambridge in Colour is an on-line resource, learning community and information sharing and instruction network for photographers. The site hosts a very informative, useful and very extensive series of freely accessible on-line tutorials aimed at beginner level photographers specifically.
  • Exposure Guide’s “Photography Basics”
    Exposure Guide features a fairly robust section of photography instruction materials which will be of interest to beginner photographers. At the time of this writing the site features twenty-three digital photography tutorials for beginners spanning a wide range of subject matter — from camera basics, to lens guides, to photography accessories and more.

And, of course, be sure to check out PhotographyGiveaways.Com’s own awesome digital photography tutorials for beginners right here on this very website! I recommend our following articles for starters:


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