Camera Model Replicas that are Actually USB Flash Drives!

So, this is something that most photographers, I’m sure, will agree is just uber-cool (especially if you’re a Sony shooter!): Tiny, scale-model camera replicas which are actually USB flash drives!

Miniature Sony scale model camera replicaI mean, look at that! That is not, I assure you, a gigantic hand gripping a Sony A7II. It’s actually a photograph of a normal sized human’s hand holding on to a miniature scale model replica of a Sony A7II, complete with a perfect replica of a Zeiss 24-70MM lens. Honestly! How cool is that?

But, this tiny little wonder isn’t an actual, functioning camera — and neither is it a just a model which serves no function except to look ultra-swanky. Instead, it’s actually a fully functioning 16GB USB flash drive! And, yes — just when you thought it couldn’t get any cooler than that — you can actually mount and unmount the lens — just like on a real dSLR. Check it out:

Sony 16GB USB flash drive camera replica

Talk about your perfect gift for any Sony shooter in your life!

The miniature Sony replica USB flash drive cameras are currently being sold on eBay and you have your choice between the Sony A7r, or Sony A7rII models. You can check them out at the following links:

Now, if you`re in agreement with how super-uber-funky these little bad-boys are, but you’re not a Sony shooter, or you’re looking to grab one as a gift for that special photographer in your life who isn’t a Sony shooter, and you’re thinking you’d be interested in picking up a replica Canon, Nikon, or maybe a Pentax version? Well, I’m sorry, but I think you’re out of luck. Apparently, these were made by Sony themselves and shipped only to authorized Sony dealers for retail sale. So, Canon, Nikon, or anything else, versions just do not exist — as far as I’m currently able to tell, anyway.

Best Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop MasteryAlong with that, Sony, apparently, didn’t make too many of them. Each authorized Sony dealer only received a very limited supply. And, when they’re gone, they’re gone. So availability is quite limited. In fact, so limited are they that you’ll be able to see from the listing above that the seller only has about eight individual items in total available for sale. So, whether or not they’re even sold out by the time this article gets published is a bit of a crap-shoot, really. But, we figured we’d post it anyway just so photog-junkies can ooh and awe at the awesomeness of these little wonders.

If, by chance, they are sold out by the time you read this article, and/or the item listing has expired, you can click on this link that will open in a new browser window, which will automatically perform a search for these items in all currently active listing from all sellers.

But, hey! If you came here looking for super cool gift items for photographers, and you arrived just a little too late to snag a mini-replica camera before they all sold out, don’t despair! There’s a number of suggestions we can make for photog-cool items which come really close in achieving the funky-fantabulous status of the above mentioned camera replicas!

There’s always the super-nifty lens thermos/mugs; guaranteed to make any photography enthusiast howl with delight:

Lens mug thermos - awesome photography gift ideas for photographersIt’s an insulated thermos that keeps hot stuff hot, or cool stuff cool, that looks just like a EF 24-105mm f/4L USM telephoto lens. It looks and feels just like the real thing! C’mon! Tell me what photographer wouldn’t soil their britches upon receiving one of these as a gift?

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