The Best Free Lightroom Presets for 2016

Lightroom presets can be incredibly useful, powerful tools that can provide serious convenience to your Adobe Lightroom editing work-flow — there’s no doubt about that. And, there are, quite literally tons, and tons, and tons of them available for free download on the Internet. Unfortunately, to put it bluntly, most of the ones out there are crap. I’m sure you’ve discovered this in your efforts of searching around the web trying to hunt down decent free Lightroom presets. So, where, exactly, can one find the best free Lightroom presets to download and use? Well, don’t worry! I’m about to five you a list of places where you can get your hands on more of the best free Adobe Lightroom presets than you’ll likely ever need!

The best free lightroom presets for 2016

First of all, let me mention this: If you truly want to get your hands on the most useful and powerful collection of professional grade Adobe Lightroom presets, you might want to consider purchasing a pro-bundle. There’s a reason that even the best free Lightroom presets never seem to look quite as good as ones being sold commercially. That reason is, of course, that top quality Adobe Lightroom presets are valuable — they are such time savers to pro-photographers, and provide such power and convenience, that professional photographers WILL spend money to obtain the truly great ones. For this reason, when the truly skilled preset developers produce a Lightroom preset that is really top-notch, they very seldom, if ever, release it for free. Instead, they’ll usually put those top-tier presets aside and bundle them in a package to be sold commercially.

So, before I get into listing off links to places where you can download the best free Lightroom presets, let me say that if you’re truly looking for presets that will kick your photos into the real top-tier of pro-looking quality, you might actually want to give some serious consideration to dropping a few bucks on a pro-level preset bundle.

The good news is that while some of these bundles can get prohibitively expensive for non-professionals, there are some great deals out there if you know where to look — some of the very best preset bundles available, offering the absolute highest pro-level look quality, can be had for a very reasonable price. So, before moving on to the list of the best free Lightroom presets for 2016 I would highly recommend at least checking out one of these pro-level bundles. You can click here for information on one of the best we’ve found and recommend.

The Best Free Lightroom Presets for 2016:

OnOne Software offers a very powerful package of 85 entirely free Adobe Lightroom presets. Presets available include a selection of presets designed and created by Trey Ratcliff as well as collections of grain and film presets, black & white conversion presets, split toning, presets designed by Matt Kloskowski, and more.

Presets Heaven bills itself as being your source to free Adobe Lightroom presets. The site offers a robust variety of the most useful and best free Lightroom presets available in 2016. Free Lightroom training is also available on the site, and new free presets are regularly added to their already ample collection.

WonderlandPresets.Com currently offers a total of fourteen wondrously free Adobe Lightroom presets, plus a great blog full of very useful information regarding all things Lightroom.

Free Adobe Lightroom presets free downloadPresetLove.Com features almost 140 individually downloadable, high-quality free Lightroom presets. Visitors to the site are able to submit their own presets for consideration for inclusion into the already substantial collection, so new presets are added from time to time.

LightroomKillerTips.Com keeps an archive page for quick and easy access to all of the best free Lightroom presets that have been featured on their site over the years. The currently available collection is extensive. Although, hunting through them all for the presets you want may prove to be somewhat of a chore.

Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest! There is a Pinterest feed which collects links to free Lightroom presets. The feed, at the time of this writing, contains 112 pins — mostly to collections of various sizes. All in all, links to more than a thousand entirely free Adobe Lightroom presets are a mouse-click or two away from this page.

FreeLightroomPresets.Co makes available a collection of 26 very high-quality Lightroom presets. Each one is free to download, however, you’ll be required to create a free membership and log-in to the site, or log-in via your Facebook account, in order to do so.

Presetting Lightroom, a Flickr group dedicated to Adobe Lightroom presets have compiled, and maintain, a list of over 180 of the best free Lightroom presets they’ve come across that are available for free download on the Internet.

PresetsGalore.Com, a commercial developer of professional quality Adobe Lightroom presets, makes available on their page and entirely free to download sample pack of five very high-quality, professionally created Adobe Lightroom presets.

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